Hello Guys, Hope you are doing good. Today I’m going to show you the trick to use dual WhatsApp in one device. Yes, you can use dual WhatsApp on your device. And the best part is you don’t need to root your phone to use Two WhatsApp in one device. So, just read this article carefully to use 2 WhatsApp in one device.

How to use two WhatsApp in one device

We all use WhatsApp nowadays. It has become a part of our daily life. But you can install WhatsApp on your phone for just once. There is no option to open multiple accounts on the same device. Because of this, dual sim user’s faces problem to open a secondary WhatsApp account. But don’t worry. Here is the solution to use 2 WhatsApp on your device.

The process of opening dual WhatsApp on the same device is so simple. Anyone can install dual WhatsApp on their android device. You just have to install a Whatsapp MOD on your android device. Wonder what is a WhatsApp MOD? Here is the answer:

What is a Whatsapp MOD?

Whatsapp mods are the modded version of original WhatsApp. Many Android developers develop different WhatsApp mods for android users. A WhatsApp Mod has all the features of original WhatsApp. But it also includes extra features. You can change the main theme of a WhatsApp mod. And it contains many premium features which are not present in the original WhatsApp.

Are Whatsapp Mods are safe for Android devices?

Whatsapp mods are completely safe for android devices. The developers just add some tweak to the original WhatsApp. Different WhatsApp Mods are used by millions of users worldwide.

Do you need to root your device to install a WhatsApp Mod?

No, as I said earlier, you don’t need a rooted device to install a WhatsApp mod.

There are many WhatsApp mod’s are available in the android market. Today I will use gbwhatsapp. Gbwhatsapp is the most popular WhatsApp mod. You just have to install Gbwhatsapp apk latest version on your device to enjoy dual WhatsApp feature. So, without talking anymore let’s see the steps to use 2 WhatsApp in 1 phone.

two WhatsApp in one device

Steps to install Gbwhatsapp on your device and Use two WhatsApp in one device:

  1. First of all, download the latest version of gbwhatsapp apk for the below link.
  2. Now open your file manager and install gbwhatsapp.
  3. After it finishes the installing process, just open iy.
  4. Now enter your secondary number which you want to use as the second WhatsApp.
  5. Verify the number using OTP.
  6. Now enter your name and select profile picture.
  7. That’s it! After the successful installation of gbwhatsapp, you can use dual whatsapp on the same device.

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