From the trend of 2017 as all Smartphone go Bezel-less. Some of all-screen, has a problem and has frustrate everyone from Samsung to Apple. They have been asking themselves where to Put Fingerprint sensor? But some think that fingerprint reader screen will work.

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Samsung, LG, Google Android Phones Like Galaxy S8, Pixel 2 LG v30 moved the fingerprint sensor to the back of the Phone. Which seems to be little awkward for some. Apple dropped the Fingerprint-reading home button entirely with their iPhone X. Apple iPhone X settle on 3D Face scanner, which seems pretty interesting. OnePlus also makes a mind to go with 3D Face unlocking like iPhone X. But some finds fails, unlock via Twins.

At CES 2018, we come across that a big tech component maker like Synaptic showed the first phone to try something new by putting the fingerprint reader inside the screen. That’s why people like me was curious to know more about the New clear ID tech which Synaptics has been demonstrating at the event.

It implants the fingerprint reader inside the screen. Become the first to a Phone for chines phone maker Vivo this year. While visiting the event a tech enthusiast at the event try out this technology he using it normally. He clench over the bottom of the screen and it unlocked under a fraction of a second and continuously.

fingerprint reader screen how accurate ?

Synaptics this new technology has a weakness of rejection rate of about 2% and a false acceptance rate of 1 in 50,000 which is negligible.Synaptic CEO Mr. Rick Bergman state that they took 18 months to turn this technology to the real world that could manage some issue of dry fingerprint and Sunlight.

This technology works only with OLED screens because they are very thin and transparent as well. The rival company of Synaptics, Qualcomm has also announced that they are also working on a project. While the project name is behind the screen reading tech. But sadly its not ready as final product to come in to the real world


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