Hello guys, Hope you are all doing fine. Yesterday, my sister asked me “How to set Speed Dial in redmi note 4?”. If you have the same question then, this article is for you. Here I am going to tell you, how to set up speeding dialing on your Redmi note 4.


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How to set Speed Dial in redmi note 4?

Unfortunately, in this device does not have any inbuilt feature. Even the inbuilt dallier app does not support this feature. So, how do you do that ? There is another way left, which is 3rd Party app. To enable such feature like Speed dallier on Redmi Note 4, wo can get a help from 3Rd party apps as well.

Steps to enable speed dialing on Redmi Note 4 or How to set Speed Dial in redmi note 4.

  1. We need to Download an Widget called “Speed Dial Widget”
  2. Download the App Click here to Download
  3. Configure the App
  4. All done!

There is another way

  1. Go to your Address book or Contacts.
  2. Select any which you want to Set as Speed Dialing Contact.
  3. Click on (…) three dots.
  4. Click on “Place on Home Screen”.
  5. Speed Dialing on redmi note 4All Done!



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