I wish I could have a multipurpose PC which plays games like PUBG and edit my YouTube videos smoothly and also fit my ₹30,000 budget. Ahh this is impossible to get a PC like that better I go with a Laptop 🤔

Ever you think like that? Then please behaving like a stupid kid. I can help you to build your PC with that budget and this will easily handle your tasks liking game play and rendering videos.

If you are having such a tight budget and heavy tasks to do never ever think about to buy a laptop. Instead, build your PC which will be much faster than any laptops under 30K budget.

Building a PC is not that much complicated than you might think!

Though plugs and wires connections seem to be little complicated, trust me it’s easy. If you worried about How to build your PC you can watch a YouTube tutorial video.


I believe that you can build your PC without any problem if you do have any problem while assembly then follows the manuals and guide booklets.

All right! I made a list of components that required for the setup. Every part will be easily available on Amazon and your local computer hardware stores. I will drop all the links so that you have easy to find them.

For your kind information Monitor and Keyboard mouse is not included you have to spend ₹3000-4000 more for the complete setup.

Okay, lemme describe each of the parts which we will be using to make that happen.

Motherboard: ➡ MSI A320M Pro



CPU: ➡ AMD Ryzen 3 1200


GPU: ➡ Nvidia GT 1030 2GB


RAM: ➡ Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400MHz


Storage: ➡ WD WDS120G2G0A 120GB


PSU: ➡ Corsair VS450


Cabinet: ➡ Cooler Master CMP 351



An estimated cost for this PC

*As on 24th Jan 2019

Motherboard ₹4,499 Get it on Amazon
CPU ₹5,450 Get it on Amazon
GPU ₹6,685 Get it on Amazon
RAM ₹4,096 Get it on Amazon
Memory ₹2,226 Get it on Amazon
PSU ₹2,673 Get it on Amazon
Cabinet ₹3,999 Get it on Amazon
Total *₹29,628


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