Thanks for landing this page. Well, when you compare two device like OnePlus 5T and iPhone 7 it is basically a matter of Operating System & budget we can say that OnePlus 5T or iPhone 7 is better one from another. If you don’t have any budget, you can go with iPhone 7. If you under the budget, you should go with OnePlus 5T. For clarification lemme share my thoughts about these two.

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OnePlus 5t or iPhone 7

OnePlus 5T or iPhone 7: Which one you should buy ?

As I earlier said that It is basically a matter of OS & budget, So both of these are different from their own. One of my friend uses iPhone 7 which is about 2 years old. Recently apple confirmed that they are slowing down battery performance for old phones. So, I feel bad for him because OnePlus 5T does many good jobs. It takes over apples display RAM & ROM, though we shouldn’t compare RAM because both are running on different OS.

Okay, now come to the main topic, Why I consider OnePlus 5T purchasing over iPhone 7. iPhone 7 has good specs and feature but OnePlus 5T is way more ahead compared to speed and reliability. Lemme point out the things, for which my vote goes for OnePlus 5T.

Dash Charging: Its so freaking fast, Reaches 100% within 35min. That’s awesome and useful though.

Speed: Again, I don’t wanna compare because both are form different category. But keep aside that, lets compare their hearts. OnePlus 5T runs on Android 7.1.1 which can be upgrade to 8.0 Oreo, On the other hand iPhone 7 runs on iOS 10.0.1 expected to be upgrade to iOS 11.1 soon. OnePlus 5T is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540 GPU. On the other hand iPhone 7 powred by its own Apple A10 fusion chipset.

Camera: Here, iphone 7 wins the battle comparing their cameras. iPhone 7 capable of taking awesome portrait photos, while OnePlus 5T is not far behind can took decent images.

Battery: iPhone 7 does the good job, comparing stand-by time. Don’t be sad OnePlus 5T has Dash Charging.

Final Word for OnePlus 5T or iPhone 7 ?

OnePlus 5T is way more better than iPhone 7 from every aspects except camera quality. Comparing their price OnePlus 5T is cheaper and best part is this, you got a bezel-less display. So, make a smart move and go for OnePlus 5T over iPhone 7


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