According to the reports, Apple is preparing the launch of three different types of new iPhones this year. The iPhones are –

  1. 5.8-inch iPhone X with some modifications and decreased in price
  2. 6.1-inch iPhone X
  3. and 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus

The New iPhones

the 6.1-inch iPhone X is said to arrive in a variety of colors including Black, Grey, White, Red, and Orange. Probably this 6.1-inch iPhone X could continue the legacy of iPhone 5C which was a huge hit.

Ming-Chi Kuo predicts according to 9to5mac reports that the new iPhone X Plus could be priced at $1000 like the current iPhone X. So, this will gonna definitely affect the price point of 6.1-inch iPhone X and this said to take around $700. Moreover, we will see decreasing the price point of 5.8-inch iPhone X at least ~$100 in a couple of months.

While the less expensive 6.1-inch iPhone X likely to miss some premium features such as dual-cam system, no stainless steel frame, maybe no 3D Touch no OLED screen. But it will retain the main design element of iPhone X line.

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Though it is not clear by mean the color “red” whether it means PRODUCT RED or special edition of iPhone 8. However, the storage options are not mentioned on the report but it may recap the storage options from last year’s iPhone X.

At the present market, most of the Smartphone maker offering a couple of color options through special editions. This is not a cool thing anymore, in fact, its boring. Apple brought “notch” and it becomes a trend if the color prediction part is true then others Smartphone makers will follow this trend and push the new Smartphones into a colorful world. Apple already tries to do that with their best-selling iPhone 5C now its turn for others big Smartphone manufacturers like Sony, Nokia, Samsung, and LG.

source: 9to5mac


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