Hello Guys, Hope You are doing well. I found on Internet that many people are asking “How to get rid of push massages from mobile carrier” Most of the user facing this problem in their Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime. So I am going to write an article to help to overcome such problem like this Block Push Massages in Redmi 2 Prime.

Before we start let me tell you about “What is Push Massages” that’s are coming from mobile carrier.

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What is Push Massages ?

Push massages are one kind of text massages which is distributed by mobile carriers, without your permissions they can reach to you whenever they want. The propose of using Push massages are to advertise and promote something.

Do we need to leave enabled Push massages on our devices ?

It depends on you, something it irritates user experiences while using the phone. That’s why many people around the world disabled their Push massage notifications. Here you should too if you bothered by such irritating pop-ups.

Okay that’s pretty much about it, now lets jump into our solution.

Block Push Massages in Redmi 2 Prime : How to block push massages

Okay, to block push massages from the mobile carrier in your Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime handset, you have to do this procedure given below

  1. First of all, open the massaging app.
  2. Then go to setting. (“setting” which is inside massaging app)
  3. Then go to “Additional Settings”.Block Push Massages in Redmi 2 Prime
  4. There will be an option with a check box. Allow WAP push messages and turn this option off. To block push massages leave this box “unchecked”
  5. Done!

That’s it, Congratulations! Now you successfully turned off the push massages which comes from mobile carrier.

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