How much will an iPhone X cost in 2019/2020?

Hmm, So you’re an Apple fan! Well, as you know future is unpredictable. Therefore we can’t predict the future with any accuracy. But It can be predict based on its past records. But still that couldn’t be pretty accurate. As past records says: Apple iPhone top models drops price approx $100-150 every year. So, I think that iPhone X will cost $100 less of its original price.

What is more sensible to buy, an iPhone X 64 GB or a 256 GB?

Well, Its depends on your requirements. For an average person 64 GB is enough for daily usage. If you a heavy user like me, who likes to taking photos, shoot 4K videos then you should pick the 256 GB model. As you know iPhone doesn’t have expandable storage options. So, in that case iPhone X 256 GB model is an Ideal choice.

What is the difference between iPhone X and iPhone 8?

You might not noticed the huge difference between iPhone and iPhone 8. So, the biggest different is: iPhone X has all screen display, that is trending now days. And rest of the best things are it is now officially IP67 certified, New security Face ID, Dual camera. These are the difference in between these two.

What is the price of iPhone X?

The Indian price of iPhone X are:

  • 64 GB – 84,999 INR
  • 256 GB – 1,02,000 INR
  • 128 GB – Not Available

Is the iPhone X display made by Samsung?

Yes! Currently Samsung is the one and only company to produce OLED display for mobile device. Moreover, Apple is trying to collaborate with other mobile components maker. So that, they can cut down the production cost.

Would you buy the new iPhone X if you had the money?

Well, I don’t like to show offs but iPhone X is really got some awesome features like 3D Face recognition, OLED Display, 256 GB storage options, 4K Video recording and much more. So, my answer is Yes! I would definitely buy if i had the money.

How do I unlock an iPhone X in a dark room using Face ID?

Good question by the way, How do you unlock your iPhone X in a dark room using Face ID?. Well, iPhone X doesn’t uses its camera to scan your face. It has Infrared Sensors that can scan your face without any light source.

What is really great about the iPhone X?

There are many great things:

  1. Face ID.
  2. Wireless Charging.
  3. OLED Display with 3D Touch.
  4. 5.8″- Inches All screen HDR Display.
  5. A11 Bionic Shipset with 64bit Architecture.
  6. 12MP Wide Angle camera.
  7. And many more..

Why is the iPhone X so expensive in India?

Bro, I don’t have answer for this question. But a CA can answer this question. I think iPhone is so expensive in India due to some taxes. Not only iPhone are costlier in India but Google pixel phone are very expensive in India compared to USA.

Why is there so much hate towards the iPhone X?

The answer is simple, If you’re an Android fan, then you may hate Apple’s iPhone X.

So that’s it for Apple iPhone X FAQs, If i found more interesting questions related to iPhone X, I will definitely post another article. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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